Are you looking for new ways to connect with a broad base of consumers?
Now with SMS advertising services from Nubix sms marketing company in egypt, you can promote any service or product via SMS .

sms campaign services in egypt

SMS advertising

With SMS advertising applications, you can deliver targeted messages to consumers at a powerful moment in the buying process.
SMS is proving to be a great platform to help marketers reach and to find audiences.

Who can use SMS marketing solutions ?

  • any industry can use SMS for every day information delievery needs.
  • Any business with a large base of clients or employers and needs to send information peridoically can use SMS effectively( business sms).
  • Advertising & Marketing,E-Commerce,Public Services.
  • Advertising & Marketing Website(web to sms markeying).

Why marketing via SMS is important?

  • SMS messages could be sent and read at any time.
  • SMS messages could be sent to an offline mobile phone and read after it's switched on.
  • SMS could be sent with any language and customized to suite your audience preferences.
  • You can reach thousands of users with one single procedure. without having to call each client individually(Lesser effort).
  • Using SMS can save your company money(cost effective).
  • All mobile phones can send and receive text messages,so SMS advertising messages reach the widest possible audience.

Nubix SMS marketing services in egypt

  • promote your products and websites through Text Messaging.
  • Simple text messaging, including delivery to landlines.
  • Group text messaging - deliver your message to multiple users.
  • you are given the option to change or customize your messages.
  • Easily build up your customers’ database and get in touch with them.
  • choose to have instant delivery of the message.
  • All networks covered for same cost.
  • allows you to schedule future message delivery at a specific time.
  • guarantees the safe delivery of text messages.
  • Choosing the right SMS campaign service provider can contribute to the success of your business.

Usage SMS Messaging in Marketing for:

  • Advertising (products,services,websitec,..).
  • Promotion(information about product or service).
  • Offers(special offers, discounts).

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When you are on the stage of choosing the right SMS advertising service provider for your business, NUBIX is your gateway to the exciting world of SMS advertising and SMS marketing.
what`s sms?
Short Messaging Service (SMS) allows users to send & receive text messages on a mobile phone.
Each message can be up to 160 characters long and sent to different users.
All mobile phones support SMS.