Nubix Showreel Company in Egypt offer you a professional Showreels that promote your company, portfolio, product or service.

Showreel production services in egypt


A showreel provides an overview of your entire work, giving customer a good idea of your skills and abilities.
Actually, businesses can have showreels. Basically, if you want people to see examples of your work, you would benefit from having a showreel. A showreel provides an overview of your entire work.

Showreel services in Egypt

We can provide a full showreel production service, including
  • project your showreel design , image and voice in a style of your own choice whatever you want to achieve we can help you get there.
  • recording, editing and delivering on a CD and as an MP3 for use in emails or on websites.
  • Add background music and sound effects available to give your showreel a professional touch.
  • Showreels can include still pictures as well as moving images.
  • Showreels can be placed on your web site for all prospective customer to see or delivered in a number of other formats.
  • We can film you in action, or take your existing video and still photographs, add music and captions and edit the whole thing into an impressive showreel.
  • We offer a compilation service, taking existing material and editing it together, again with music and sound effects if required, into an impressive, punchy showreel.

show reel production Consideration

  • identify main area of work and base a larger portion of your showreel around that area if possible.
  • Focus on your strengths, identify your strongest work and build a showreel around those elements first supplimenting those with other aspects of your work.
  • Keep it short - if the video is too long your customer may lose interest and switch off. (the first 10-20 seconds are the most important. You see, they have thousands to look at, and about 90 percent are identical).
  • Make the subject interesting,Use our creativity to make you more memorable.
  • Only include substantial roles (no extras roles).
  • Include your name and contact details at the beginning and/or end of the showreel (or on the menu).
  • produce good quality showreel.
  • Update your showreel regularly, adding newer more accomplished work and removing older/less accomplished work.

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It is important that you have a professionally, high quality showreel which will help you stand out from the crowd.we can add professional look to your showreel. Conatct NUBIX now.
What's showreel?
A show reel, or demo reel , is the motion picture or video equivalent of an portfolio.
Motion graphics showreel give an overview of organization works and to show off their portfolios.
A showreel is essential for animators, video and film and motion graphic creatives alike.